Less Discomfort with Today’s Dental treatment

The new local anesthetic buffer-Onset

Remember when getting numb was an uncomfortable experience associated with a sting?  It is not that way at Forum Dental Group where the local anesthetic solution has been buffered before the injection, thanks to a new technology by Onpharma called Onset.

Why does the shot of local anesthetic hurt?

Placement of the topical anesthetic or banana-flavored gel on the gums before the injection makes the area numb on the outside surface to prevent feeling the needle stick.  The injection into the tissues of the acidic anesthetic solution (about the same as a lemon) causes the discomfort.  Several minutes later, the body converts this solution to a more basic state that enables the anesthetic solution to produce the numbing effect on the nerve.

How does Onset work?

Combining a precise amount of Onset (8.4% Sodium Bicarbonate) with the local anesthetic, converts its acidic properties to a more neutral solution, similar to tap water.  When injected into the tissues, there is no burning or stinging.  Because this conversion happens outside the body, it allows the anesthetic solution to penetrate the nerve membrane more quickly, creating a profound numbing sensation many times faster than with plain anesthesia alone.  The result is less pain with the injection and much faster and more profound anesthesia (numbness).