Is Orthodontics Right for Me?

“I’m too old to straighten my teeth.”

“so my teeth are crooked:  I’m not that vain”.

Maybe you’ve heard these comments before or have said them yourself.  Many people deny themselves from considering straightening their teeth because they see it as only an issue of vanity, or view their misaligned teeth as a sign of their individuality.

Many  believe that alignment of the teeth is merely a cosmetic issue, or treatment for younger people, but  it is much more; proper tooth alignment not only makes us look great, but also makes sense from a health standpoint.

Our teeth are engineered to handle stresses in their long axis.  When the teeth are in proper alignment, they handle those stresses very efficiently.  Other structures within the mouth, such as the bones that support the teeth, the muscles moving the jaw around, the tendons and ligaments holding the bones and muscles in place, and the gums, all benefit from proper alignment.  Over time, teeth that are not in proper alignment can become damaged as well as the surrounding structures.  We encourage re-alignment of the teeth as part of their therapy for problems of the jaw joints and gums.

To maintain efficient dental hygiene, it is much easier to brush and floss teeth that are properly aligned than those that are malpositioned or crooked.

Maintaining healthy smiles for a lifetime involves keeping our teeth aligned properly.  Let us know if you would like to be evaluated for orthodontic treatment.