Cosmetic Procedures Using Divine Proportion

Dr. Michael LaMarche uses Leonardo da Vinci’s principle of Divine Proportion with non-surgical cosmetic makeovers. Beautiful and enduring smiles are proportioned to harmonize with one’s  unique facial features to emphases individual beauty.

Stained teeth ages our smiles, but a smile that is too-white smile can look out of place in the prime of life. Our teeth tend to wear and become shorter as we get older. Tooth lengthening is an effective solution to restore those years.  Laugh lines and wrinkles can often be muted by using dental techniques to fill out these facial areas. Your smile will look totally natural.

How do we turn artistic inspiration into reality?  Whitening is one of the simplest and most popular procedures for revitalizing a smile. Many studies show that most of us perceive a brighter smile to be more youthful and attractive. Veneers can be applied to widen your teeth, lengthen them, or add thickness to broaden your smile. Cosmetic procedures are well worth the investment to restore the proportions your face was meant to have. Talk to us about inspired enhancements for your smile.